Merchant Factors: What We Stand For

Merchant Factors

Merchant Factors: Who are we?

Merchant Factors was founded in 1988. Our vision is to offer growing businesses an alternative to traditional bank loans and overdrafts. Today we are leaders in factoring and trade finance.

We pride ourselves on innovation and flexibility. We offer local and cross-border trade finance and are able to tailor our facilities to suit most emerging small and medium size businesses. Our clients' turnovers range from R100,000 per month to R15,000,000 per month.

Our independence allows us the fastest turnaround time in the industry from application to pay-out.



  • A culture of entrepreneurial and innovative thinking
  • Establishing integrity, trust, respect and confidentiality
  • Delivering flexibility and consistency
  • Maintaining an energetic team that is committed to satisfying the growing needs of business

Mission & Vision

At Merchant Factors we want to grow our presence in the SME market, in order to support the development of this vital segment of our economy.